The LIFE-IP AdaptInGR project is implemented through five groups of actions (A, C, D, E and F). The synergies and interrelations among the different actions are illustrated in the following chart.

D.1: Monitoring the project contribution to the implementation of the Greek National Adaptation Strategy and other socioeconomic impact 

Action D.1 aims at monitoring the project overall impact - including its socio-economic impact and the impact of the project complementary funding (Action F.3) - to the implementation of the National Adaptation Strategy (i.e. to the five main objectives of the NAS). A clear methodology using concrete indicators will be developed for this purpose. Four evaluation exercises will be performed, one for each project phase (2019-2020, 2021-2022, 2023-2024 and 2025-2026). The evaluation exercises will provide necessary data and information to review the effectiveness of the overall project, detect potential bottlenecks and suggest corrective measures in order to achieve higher impact.

Action D.1 Leader:

Ministry of Environment and Energy & Bank of Greece

Start date:


End date:


D.2. Monitoring the impact of the project pilot actions

Action D.2 aims at monitoring the impact of the project on reducing physical, economic and social vulnerability and increasing resilience to climate change by focusing on the implementation of the pilot Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Actions C.2 and C.3, as well as their transferability and replicability (Action E.2). Also it aims at monitoring and assessing other environmental impacts and the on-site environmental performance of the pilot actions. Monitoring and assessment of the environmental impacts will expand to the replication and transfer of good practices through action E.2, as well. Α protocol will be built to monitor and assess these impacts.

Action D.2 Leader:

National Observatory of Athens & Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency

Start date:


End date:



F.1: Project management

Action F.1 includes both the technical and financial management of LIFE-IP AdaptInGR.

Action F.1 Leader: Ministry of Environment and Energy

Start date: 01/01/2019, End date: 31/12/2026

F.2: Monitoring the project progress

Action F.2 deals with monitoring the progress of LIFE-IP AdaptInGR project, including the reporting to the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (EASME) and the external audits. The Action also concerns the development of the project’s “After-LIFE Plan”

Action F.2 Leader: Ministry of Environment and Energy

Start date: 01/01/2019, End date: 31/12/2026

F.3: Monitoring, planning and implementation of complementary funding

Action F.3 deals with monitoring, priority planning and levering of funds that are complementary to the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR, in short funds from other funding sources (e.g. the Regional Operational Programmes, the Sectoral Operational Programme “Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development”, the Rural Development Programme, the Operational Programme for Fisheries and Sea, financial institutions etc.), to finance projects and actions that contribute to the implementation of the National Adaptation Strategy and Regional Adaptation Action Plans.   

Action F.3 Leader: Green Fund

Start date: 01/01/2019, End date: 31/12/2026

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