National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

The NTUA is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology and engineering, and, since its foundation in 1836, has contributed continuously to the country's scientific, technical and economic development.  Since its foundation, the NTUA has been one of the main scientific and technical consultants to Greek ministries on issues related to its competencies (engineering, transport, water management, waste management, environment, energy, spatial planning, renewable energy, industrial and business management, and innovation). The School of Chemical Engineering of the NTUA has participated in several EU and nationally-funded projects on the assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation. Due to its extensive experience, the NTUA is also the official technical consultant of MEEN on climate change related-issues.

With regard to LIFE-IP AdaptInGR, NTUA leads the development of an integrated climate change adaptation monitoring and evaluation framework for Greece and supports the project’s three Regions and five Municipalities to design and implement pilot (demonstration) projects that integrate climate risks and promote “green infrastructure” and “nature-based solutions”.

Website: www.ntua.gr

Contact person for LIFE-IP AdaptInGR:

Dionysis Assimacopoulos

Emeritus Professor NTUA

Ε-mail: assim@chemeng.ntua.gr

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