Municipality of Agii Anargiri-Kamatero (AAK)

The Municipality of Agii Anargiri-Kamatero consists of two former municipalities-cities, namely Agioi Anargyroi and Kamatero, merged into one Municipality in 2011, through the Kallikratis local government reform. It is located on the north-northwesterm side of the metropolitan area of Athens and includes mainly low-rise residential areas. It has 62,529 inhabitants (2011, Census).

AAK's vision is to become a modern, consistent, functional and citizen-friendly municipality, using local, national and European funds, with a view to sustainable economic development and social welfare. Consequently, AAK places special emphasis on environmental topics, such as adapting to the impacts of climate change, environment protection, energy saving, energy efficiency, utilisation of renewable energy sources and raising public awareness.

Within LIFE-IP AdaptInGR, the Municipality of Agii Anargiri-Kamatero will construct an innovative pilot project integrating climate risks, flood risk management and sustainable water management. The project includes the construction of a rainwater drainage system in the area of Gerovouno, which suffers frequent flood damage, and the subsequent transport of the collected water to the neighbouring park “Antonis Tritsis”- a green area of approx. 120 hectares and important wetland- that suffers severe water shortage. The project integrates climate risk into design by using high-resolution climate projections.

Website: www.agan.gov.gr

Contact persons for LIFE-IP AdaptInGR:

Ioanna Mantzavinatou

Head of Studies Department, Directorate of Technical Services, Municipality of Agii Anargiri-Kamatero

E-mail: mantzavinatou@agankam.gov.gr

Ioanna Legaki

Programing & European Projects Officer, Studies Department, Directorate of Technical Services, Municipality of Agii Anargiri-Kamatero

E-mail: ilegaki@agankam.gov.gr

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