The Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE)

KEDE is a legal entity acting as a body governed by private law, representing the first level of local governance in Greece. KEDE was established by Presidential Decree 197/1978, which was later modified and updated.

Its competencies include:

  • monitoring the state of play, gathering and processing information of interest to municipalities, 
  • providing support to the thematic committees and the representatives of KEDE,
  • exploring the needs and capacities of municipalities,
  • building partnerships with other agencies in Greece and abroad,
  • providing information and advice to municipalities,
  • providing support on IT and internet network projects,
  • organising events and supporting KEDE in public relations,
  • offering education and training programmes for the elected officials and the personnel of municipalities,
  • providing consultation on European and international affairs;
  • and supporting the participation of KEDE in European and international networks.

Within LIFE-IP AdaptInGR, KEDE promotes and disseminates project results and good practices through its member network, in particular concerning the demonstration (pilot) projects implemented by the five project Municipalities.  Furthermore, it supports pilots’ transfer to and replication in other municipalities and facilitates communication between the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR consortium and Greek and European municipalities.    

Website: www.kedke.gr

Contact persons for LIFE-IP AdaptInGR:

Martha Giannakopoulou

Programming & Documentation Officer, Member of the European Projects Working Group of KEDE

Ε-mail:  Giannakopoulou@kedke.gr

Gabriel Kougianos

Head of the Programming, Documentation, Informatics and Local Government Development Directorate

Ε-mail:  kougianos@kedke.gr

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