E.1. Public awareness and dissemination

E1.D1: Dissemination/Communication Strategy and Action Plan (M 6)

E1.D2: Report on the outcomes of the 1st wave of Public Opinion Research (M 6)

E1.D3: Report on the outcomes of the 2nd wave of Public Opinion Research (M 50)

E1.D4: Report on the outcomes of the 1st wave of Stakeholder Survey (M 6)

E1.D5: Report on the outcomes of the 2nd wave of Stakeholder Survey (M 48)

E1.D6: Report on the outcomes of the 3rd wave of Stakeholder Survey (M 72)

E1.D7: Report on the outcomes of the 4th wave of Stakeholder Survey (M 96)

E1.D8: LIFE-IP AdaptInGR first project leaflets (Greek, English) (M 3)

E1.D9: 4 LIFE-IP AdaptInGR project banners (M 6)

E1.D10: LIFE-IP AdaptInGR Radio spot (M 27)

E1.D11: LIFE-IP AdaptInGR TV-spot video (M 27)

E1.D12: Compilation of LIFE-IP AdaptInGR e-newsletters and press releases (M 96)

E1.D13: LIFE-IP AdaptInGR project leaflets (Greek, English) (M 96)

E1.D14: Report on the 1st set of Regional Info-Days (M 48)

E1.D15: Report on the 2nd set of Regional Info Days (M 72)

E1.D16: Teaching guidelines and teacher’s kit package on climate change adaptation (M 6)

E1.D17: ‘Youth Adapts’ material (M 48)

E1.D18: Report on teachers’ seminars (M72)

E1.D19: Report on ‘Youth Adapts’ courses (M 96)

E1.D20: Report on the two school competitions (M 96)

E1.D21: 1st LIFE-IP AdaptInGR Fora Proceedings (M 40)

E1.D22: 2nd LIFE-IP AdaptInGR Fora Proceedings (M 64)

E1.D23: 3rd LIFE-IP AdaptInGR Fora Proceedings (M 96)

E1.D24: Layman’s Report (M 96)


E.2. Replication and transfer of the project results

Ε2.D1: 1st networking activities report (M 48)

Ε2.D2: 2nd networking activities report (M 96)

Ε2.D3: Replicability/transferability strategy and Action Plan (M 24)

E2.D4: “Good practice guide on regional adaptation projects based on the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR experience” (M 60)

E2.D5: “Guidelines on Adaptation Actions for Municipalities” handbook (Month 60)

Ε2.D6: 1st report on stakeholder outreach activities (M 72)

Ε2.D7: 2nd report on stakeholder outreach activities (M 96)

Ε2.D8: Thematic workshops proceedings (M 96)

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