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5th LIFE-IP AdaptInGR Info-Day in Central Greece

5th LIFE-IP AdaptInGR Info-Day in Central Greece

The 5th regional info-day of the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR project will be hold online on 17 January 2023. The info-day promotes climate change adaptation in the Region of Central Greece and is open for the public.

The agenda of the info-day is available on the following link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14L67gEk8HU6MlEjb7_EX6JVA59MeZDGs?usp=share_link

To participate in the info-day, please register through the following form: https://forms.gle/fGZxykMT5nRz3Mw86

The info-day aims to inform and raise awareness of the citizens of Central Greece to adapt their Region to climate change, following the provisions of their "Regional Adaptation Action Plan (RAAP/PeSPKA)”.

In the 1st session of the info-day, distinguished scientists and representatives of key stakeholders for RAAP implementation, shall inform the citizens of Central Greece about the impacts of climate change in their Region, the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR pilot adaptation actions in the Region, as well as the adaptation solutions included in their RAAP.  

The info-day will allow further insights into the most climate-vulnerable regional sectors: 

 agriculture, 

 public health,

 biodiversity and

 cultural heritage.

In the 2nd Session, the movie “Μορφές Ζωής, Μορφές Πνοής” of Vangelis Efthimiou will be screened, showing the state of biodiversity in Greece and examples of actions to preserve it. 

For more information please contact: AdaptiveGreece.InfoDays@gmail.com 

The Union of Regions of Greece (EN.P.E.), the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (K.E.D.E.) and the Region of Central Greece are responsible for the organization of the 1st Session of the event, while the Elliniki Etairia (ELLET) – Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage is responsible for the 2nd Session.

13 regional info-days are foreseen to be organized in the framework of the LIFE-IP AdaptInGR project, one in each Region of Greece. Info-days have been already organized for the Regions of Western Greece, Crete, Ionian Islands and Western Macedonia, while info-days for the remaining Regions are in schedule.

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